State Budget: Your Voice Made a Difference

In late April, we asked you to speak out on the state budget to support several items in the current budget that would help level the playing field to ensure that charter schools get their fair share of funding.

Parents and advocates from schools as far away as the Altus Institute in San Diego testified in support of the charter school budget items in the Senate Budget Subcommittee on Education.

"I had to say something. I'm the voice for my child and my school and if I don't, only the voices on the other side of the issues would be heard." - Lanie Holmer, parent from Westlake Charter School

The calls, emails, and in person testimony made a difference. The Senate Subcommittee took several positive actions, and left other items open to decide at a later date. This means that all of the charter school items are either still alive or headed to the budget conference committee for further discussion. We'll continue to keep you posted!