Parent Fights Back Against Charter Critic

What if Los Angeles decided to stop new charter schools from opening? That was the call to arms in a recent op-ed in the L.A. Times by Diane Ravitch, an infamous charter school opponent. As soon as Ravitch’s article appeared, charter families rallied to call foul on Ravitch and protect the charter movement.

One great example is Ingrid Oliu, whose daughter attends a charter school in northeast L.A. Oliu wrote a powerful response to Ravitch that debunked her accusations and chastised her for disrespecting tens of thousands of families who simply want to maintain their right to choose the best learning environment for their children. Social media lit up with outrage as charter supporters spoke out against Ravitch’s polarizing views and false claims.

You can read Ingrid’s piece here on Education Post, a national blog on education issues. A big thank you to Ingrid and the many other parents and charter supporters who came to the defense of L.A.’s charter school community, which also happens to be among the highest performing charter networks in the country.

Families Engage in Education Civil Rights Discussion

It’s been said that “education is the civil rights issue of our time,” and many parents agree wholeheartedly. That’s why so many of them have sought out charter schools in order to ensure their children receive the quality education that they need and deserve. A groundbreaking lawsuit last year found that, indeed, the civil rights of low-income students and students of color were being violated by the traditional public education system in California. A forum earlier this month in Sacramento offered a chance to learn more about the Vergara case, named after one of the student plaintiffs, along with other policy issues that impact how much students learn in the classroom. Nine charter school parents, plus a charter teacher, a faith leader and several community members who support charter schools, attended the forum. Representatives from a number of local schools, as well as advocacy organizations like Education Trust-West, attended as well. It was a powerful event that brought people together for sharing and learning, with the goal of removing the obstacles that prevent historically under-served students from getting the great education they deserve.

Safety First at L.A. Charter School

There’s nothing more important to parents than keeping their children safe. So when parents decided to get together to make a difference at their local charter school, their first priority was to enhance the traffic safety measures surrounding the campus. Camino Nuevo Charter Academy’s Sandra Cisneros Campus is located right off a busy intersection along L.A.’s famous Sunset Boulevard. Parents want to make sure the students who walk to and from the campus are safe and secure. So they are uniting to urge city officials to install speed bumps and school traffic signs at key points around the campus, and to create a one-way street to slow traffic. Right now, the parents are drafting a petition to L.A. city councilmember Mitch O’Farrell, and they are also creating a Facebook page to build support. Kudos to these charter parents for engaging their community and their elected officials in one of the most important aspects of education: student safety! Camino Nuevo Parents