Estudiantes chárter de Sacramento aprenden de agricultores locales

Tres meses después de comenzar su primer año escolar, la Escuela Chárter Lighthouse de West Sacramento ya está abriendo horizontes a sus estudiantes. Recientemente la escuela llevó a sus niños a una excursión al pueblo cercano de Clarksburg, donde recibieron lecciones de la comida y la agricultura de agricultores locales. Por acercar a los estudiantes a los temas comunitarios e industrias del mundo verdadero, la escuela está asegurando que el aprendizaje estudiantil vaya más allá de las páginas de sus libros de texto.

Richmond Parents Keep Fighting for Educational Justice

Charter schools are public schools, but that hasn’t stopped the city council in Richmond from trying to charter students from participating in a crucial college scholarship opportunity that was supposed to include all public school kids. So the charter community has been rallying tirelessly for months to make sure their elected officials do the right thing. At the most recent city council meeting, charter supporters stayed until nearly midnight, pressuring the council to vote to include charters in the “Richmond Promise.” The council delayed voting, so charter folks will keep pushing their leaders to include them. Stay tuned for the next update.

Sacramento Charter Students Learn from Local Farmers

Three months into its first school year, Lighthouse Charter School in West Sacramento is already expanding students’ horizons. Recently the school took its kids on a field trip to nearby Clarksburg, where they got lessons in food and agriculture from local farmers. By bringing students face-to-face with real world community issues and industries, the school is ensuring that student learning goes beyond the pages of their textbooks.

L.A. Families Flex Their Advocacy Muscle

It was the first L.A. Unified board meeting of the 2015-16 school year. It’s becoming a typical scene. Every month at the Los Angeles Unified School District’s board meeting, hundreds of charter school families line up outside just to get the chance to tell the board how much they value their schools. That’s what happened at this month’s board meeting, where parents and students from Aspire, Camino Nuevo and Green Dot charter schools gathered to make sure the board voted to renew their schools’ charters. And that’s exactly what the board did. Go L.A. charter families! Families are also sharing their voices in a major issue facing L.A. schools: the search for the next superintendent. By filling out hundreds of surveys and attending public meetings, charter parents and students are making sure the school board knows that the next superintendent must support charters and school choice. The school board is expected to choose the next superintendent by the end of the year.

Their actions generated lots of media attention, which reminded the politicians that they were being watched. Finally, the council voted and did the right thing for all students. Congratulations to Richmond charter families on a hard-fought and inspiring victory!