Are You Registered to Vote?

Picking the next president isn’t the only important decision voters will make in November. From school board and senate races to local bonds, depending on where you live, you could have several important choices to make at the ballot box that will help shape the future of public education.

But first you need to be registered to vote! Are you? It only takes a minute or two. Click here to do it.

Once you’ve registered, please read up. For information on the candidates and issues, please visit the website of our sister organization, CCSA Advocates.

Oakland Families Keep Pushing for Fair Funding for Charters

For the second month in a row, the Oakland charter community gathered at the Oakland Unified school board meeting to demand equitable funding for charter schools. More than 100 charter supporters filled the board room, and 22 parents and students told the board to include charters in Measure G, a parcel tax meant to fund all public schools.

A very special thanks to Aspire Public Schools and Roses in Concrete Community School for their incredible turnout at the meeting. The Oakland charter family will continue its push for equitable funding for all kids.

3,000 Families “Rally in the Valley” for Charter Schools!

What an event! Around 3,000 families and educators from northeast San Fernando Valley charter schools marched in support of expanding high quality schools, securing better facilities and protecting parent choice in public education at last Saturday’s “Rally in the Valley.”

Charter parents, leaders, teachers and graduates from schools including Vaughn Next Century Learning Center, Fenton Public Schools, PUC, YPI Charter Schools and Pacoima Charter shared the message that charters are changing lives and they are essential to improving public education in Los Angeles.  Elected officials in attendance included Congressman Tony Cardenas, Assemblywoman Patty Lopez, Assembly Candidate Raul Bocanegra Board Members Monica Ratliff and Monica Garcia, representatives from Board Member Ref Rodriguez, and several candidates running for school board.

Check out some of the great news coverage of the rally at Fox 11UnivisionDaily News and LA School Report. And check out some amazing photos of the event. Thanks to all of the families who gathered to show their love for charters!

Rally in the Valley PHOTO SLIDESHOW

This is a PHOTO SLIDESHOW limited edition weekly series of the “Rally in the Valley!” For the next couple of weeks we will be showing the best photos of our 2500+ attendee march and rally celebrating the success of the northeast San Fernando Valley charter school movement! Parents, students, teachers, administrators, supporters and family members from charter public schools like: Fenton Charter School, Vaughn Next Century Learning Center, PUC Schools, Pacoima Charter Elementary and YPICS came out big to support!

We had parent speakers, elected officials, press and most importantly STUDENTS out there in full force to show the strength and support for the charter public school movement.