About CCSA Families

CCSA Families unites charter school families from across California into a powerful voice for excellent schools for all children. We engage, educate and support parents like you to become leaders in your communities.

We work together to make sure that:

  • More California families have access to excellent charter schools
  • Existing charter schools have modern, safe school buildings for students to learn and play
  • Charter parents have a strong voice in local issues that impact our children and our schools
  • Charter parents work together to make sure we have leaders who are committed to excellent public schools for all students

CCSA Families (formerly Families That Can) was founded in August 2007 when the State Legislature threatened to cut over $18 million from charter schools. Seven hundred concerned families rallied together to keep this funding, and we won!

We realized that when we worked together, our voices could reach the highest levels of the government, and we've continued our advocacy so that underrepresented families across the state will have the opportunity to be heard and to make a difference for our children.

CCSA Families is part of the California Charter Schools Association, a nonprofit organization that helps empower charter school leaders, teachers, and parents to make their voices heard in the state capitol and in their local communities. California's charter public schools serve more than 500,000 students throughout California at over 1,100 charter schools.

Meet the CCSA Families team.