Families Hit the Capitol at CCSA Advocacy Day

More than 500 people, including many charter school parents and students, represented the charter school movement at CCSA’s annual Advocacy Day in Sacramento this week. In one-on-one meetings with legislators, families shared their experiences at charter school and urged legislators to support bills that will help charters thrive, and to oppose efforts to rob charters of their autonomy. Congratulations and thank you to the many charter families who shared their voices inside the halls of the Capitol!

Parents Help Push Charter Bills Forward

Congratulations and thank you to all of the charter school families who contacted your state representatives, urging them to support two new legislative bills that support charter school facilities and blended learning programs. Both AB 1198 (Dababneh) and AB 1426 (Levine) recently passed out of the Assembly Education Committee and will move forward in the legislative process. The charter community will continue to rally around legislation like this that will enrich the educational experience of the more than 550,000 California charter students.

Parent Power in Action!

Last Friday was a great demonstration of charter school parent power. More than 200 charter families gathered in Richmond to call on Assemblyman Tony Thurmond and all legislators to oppose anti-charter bills that will take away charter schools’ independence and make it easier to deny charters.

If you haven’t shared your voice on this important legislation, please take just a couple of minutes right now!

Send an email to lawmakers TODAY urging their NO VOTE on 2 anti-charter bills – SB 322 (Leno) related to charter school expulsion, suspension and admission policies and SB 329 (Mendoza) which will allow school authorizers to deny charter petitions if they might have a negative financial impact on the school district.

Send an email to lawmakers TODAY urging their AYE VOTE on CCSA’s 3 sponsored bills – AB 1198 (Dababneh) which will allow charter schools to save money on facilities financing costs, AB 1344 (Jones) which will help charter schools better navigate the zoning waiver request process, and AB 1426 (Levine) which creates flexibility for site based blended learning programs.

This legislation will be heard tomorrow. Your voice will make a difference!

Thank you!

Victory for Richmond Charter Families!

After months of publicly fighting for fairness in Richmond’s college scholarship program, charter families have won a huge victory. The city council voted to include charter schools in the $35 million Richmond Promise, which will provide college scholarship aid to every senior graduating from a public high school who is enrolling in a college or university. If it seems like a no brainer that charter students should be included in a program designed to help all public school students afford college, it is. Yet, unfortunately, many of the elected officials wanted to exclude charters until parents, students, teachers and community members fought back and demanded equality for all public school students. For months, the Richmond city council and Mayor Tom Butt tried to dodge the issue, and several times nearly voted to deny charters. But charter families rallied at every city council meeting and even protested outside the mayor’s office. Their actions generated lots of media attention, which reminded the politicians that they were being watched. Finally, the council voted and did the right thing for all students. Congratulations to Richmond charter families on a hard-fought and inspiring victory!