Granada Hills Charter Wins 6th California Academic Decathlon

It’s another year and another win for Granada Hills Charter High School, which recently secured its sixth victory in the California Academic Decathlon. After a tough, multi-day contest in Sacramento, the school scored 55,211 out of 60,000 possible points, surpassing every other school. Watch ABC News’ coverage of Granada Hills’ victory!

This year’s topic was World War II and any subject related to it, including economics, language, literature, math, music and social science, was fair game. The contest entails team members taking written tests, being interviewed and giving prepared and impromptu speeches. There are three divisions based on the ranking of a student’s grade point average and the highest-scoring in each were from the charter school.

A nearby L.A. charter school, El Camino Real Charter High, came in second place. Granada Hills will represent California and pursue the state’s fifteenth consecutive U.S. title at the nationals next month.

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