L.A. Parents Help Charter Get Renewed

Their day began at 5:30 am. Parents and students from PUC Excel charter school lined up outside the L.A. Unified headquarters to make sure they would get into the board meeting that afternoon. More than 12 hours later, the families finally got the chance to testify before the school board as it prepared to vote on whether to renew PUC Excel’s charter.

The passionate speeches showed how deeply parents and students, as well as teachers and administrators, value their charter school. From academics to culture, families told the school board what makes PUC Excel so special.

Finally, after some intense discussion, the board voted to renew the charter. It was an emotional victory, with tears and hugs, as families celebrated the school that has found a place in their hearts. Bravo to PUC parents and students for passionately supporting and protecting your charter school!

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