Oakland Families Demand Fair Funding for Charters

More than 60 charter school parents, students, teachers and leaders gathered at this month’s Oakland Unified school board meeting and delivered a clear message: all Oakland public school students deserve fair and equal funding.

Parents and students testified to the impact and unfairness of being denied funding from Measure G, which was passed by Oakland voters in 2008 to help all public schools. Charter students, unfortunately, have been excluded. Funding from Measure G, which amounts to around $20 million this year, would provide much-need support to charter students by helping their schools increase teacher salaries, purchase textbooks, keeping class sizes small and prepare students for college. 

If you’re not in Oakland but you want to support families there, sign the petition over at CCSA Advocates, our sister organization.

This fall, families will keep pressing the OUSD board to do right by all students and include charters in Measure G. Keep it up, families!

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