Parent volunteers get a big “thank you!” during Measure G celebration

At the End of the Year Community Acknowledgement event held at Oakland Unity High School recently, parents and students received a big thank you for their work on the Measure G campaign. Revenue from the parcel tax measure is used to retain teachers, keep class sizes small, and offer after school academic programs. Oakland charter schools, however, do not receive any of the $20 million collected from the tax.

At the event, one mother said if politicians don’t look out for the students, parents need to step up and apply pressure to make change and bring about changes themselves.

Kevin Osorio, a student at Envision Academy, shared his story about how he was headed down the wrong path that would have likely put him in jail. Fortunately, he got the support he needed from his charter school and fellow youth organizers. Exposure to different people and seeing that they care and want to help others made him want to do the same. Now, he is involved with CCSA and helping to make change happen. As for his school work, Envision Academy is helping him get his credits done to get on track. 

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