Richmond Parents’ Latest Effort: Charter School Facilities

Richmond charter school families have proven to be a powerful advocacy force. Recently, they won a long battle to ensure that all public school students will share in the city’s $35 million college scholarship program. They’ve also rallied to defeat statewide anti-charter legislation and built bridges with community leaders.

Their latest effort involves protecting charter schools’ right to find and develop facilities. Securing space and developing it is already one of the biggest challenges facing charter schools across California. But instead of helping charters overcome this challenge, Richmond city officials are exploring regulations that would make it even more difficult for charters to develop facilities.

In response, dozens of charter parents recently gathered at the Richmond Planning Commission to challenge the proposed zoning laws, which would cost charters time and money that should be spend in the classroom instead. They told the commission why charters need support as they seek to expand and improve their facilities to serve students in need. Richmond families will continue to pressure city officials to partner with charters instead of hinder them. Stay tuned.

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