Safety First at L.A. Charter School

There’s nothing more important to parents than keeping their children safe. So when parents decided to get together to make a difference at their local charter school, their first priority was to enhance the traffic safety measures surrounding the campus. Camino Nuevo Charter Academy’s Sandra Cisneros Campus is located right off a busy intersection along L.A.’s famous Sunset Boulevard. Parents want to make sure the students who walk to and from the campus are safe and secure. So they are uniting to urge city officials to install speed bumps and school traffic signs at key points around the campus, and to create a one-way street to slow traffic. Right now, the parents are drafting a petition to L.A. city councilmember Mitch O’Farrell, and they are also creating a Facebook page to build support. Kudos to these charter parents for engaging their community and their elected officials in one of the most important aspects of education: student safety! Camino Nuevo Parents

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