San Jose Parents Push for New Charter School

It should have been a no-brainer. ACE, which operates Inspire Academy and Franklin McKinley Middle School, asked the San Jose Unified School District to approve a new high school. The schools are tremendously popular with parents, who’ve spent weeks phone banking, generating support and awareness for the proposed charter high school.

But district officials still questioned whether there was “meaningful interest” in the school.

Families stood their ground. After ACE founder Greg Lippman addressed the board, he invited all who were present in support of the school to stand. Suddenly, a sea of yellow flags emerged from around the board chambers. Lippman ceded the floor to mom Elizabeth Molina, who gave a heartfelt speech in support of the new high school on behalf of her child and all the children in her community. Parents cheered her on, demonstrating their passion and defending their right to a quality education in their community.

Ultimately, the district told ACE to revise aspects of its petition, so the fight is not yet over. ACE plans to submit a revised petition in late March. ACE families will return to the board to show support for the new school. Go charter parents!

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