As a parent, you know what your child needs better than anyone else. Your personal story of why you chose a charter school for your child is more powerful than anything else to influence your elected official and shape education policies. In this section, you will find a wide variety of training materials that will help you train for action. You will gain skills and learn new information to strengthen your natural ability as a leader to support your charter school.

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A Parent's Guide to Understanding and Using School Data

There is lots of public data about our public schools from test scores to graduation rates to teacher-pupil ratios. But what data is the most important? What questions should parents ask?


A Parent's Guide to Advocating for Your Charter School's Renewal

Charter schools must be renewed every five years in order to stay open. Find out how you can support your school’s renewal!


VIDEO: Three steps to tell your charter story for powerful advocacy

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Telling your charter school story will enable you to connect your personal experience with current issues. With this, you can become an effective advocate for high quality education in California.


A Parent's Guide to Elections Outreach at Your School

Our democracy is only as strong as the citizens that participate in it. Learn how you can get parents involved and informed about important upcoming elections!


How To Get Your Voice Heard Online

Learn more about blogging and harnessing the power of social media as a parent advocate!


How to Respond to Criticism Online

Has someone posted negative comments about your school online? There are many ways to engage other parents at your school to respond.


How to Write a Letter to the Editor

Was there an article about your school or charter schools in the local newspaper? Writing a letter to the editor of your local publication is a great way to raise awareness about your school and set the record straight.


How to Register to Vote


Your vote is your voice!


How the California Legislature Passes the Budget

The California State Budget process includes the development of the Governor’s Budget and the Legislature’s enactment of the plan. The budget is impacted and influenced by many factors and is ultimately a plan for revenues and spending for the state.


Video: Intro to Charter Schools


Learn more about charter schools, why it’s so important for charter school parents like you to stand up and speak out and how Families That Can can help.


Video: Understanding Proposition 39


Securing a school building is one of the biggest challenges that charter schools face. Learn more with this video and a downloadable fact sheet.


Video: The Importance of Grassroots Advocacy


Dr. David Patterson, Superintendent/Executive Director of Rocklin Academies, answers questions from students about the importance for charter schools of grassroots advocacy.


Charter Schools 101

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What is a charter school and what sets these independent public schools apart from other schools? Find out everything you need to know in this short video!


How a Bill Becomes a Law


Find out the full process for a proposed bill to become a law, from a legislator introducing the bill through being signed by the Governor.


Find Your Elected Representative

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The first step to making your voice heard in Sacramento is to connect with the elected officials in the state Senate and Assembly who represent you. Find out which elected officials represent your community and how to contact them.


Outreach to Your Legislator: Ideas for Every Season

Here are some great ways to keep in touch with your legislator throughout the year and continue to build a relationship - invite your elected representatives to visit your school, meet students and teachers and send them your school newsletter.


Video: Tips for an Effective Meeting with your Legislator

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These tips will ensure that you will have a successful meeting when you connect with your legislator.


A Parent's Guide to Charter School Facility Challenges


Finding and securing a high-quality facility is a challenge for many charter schools. Find out more about funding sources and programs through which your charter school can access a high-quality space.


A Parent's Guide to Charter School Funding Challenges

All of California’s public schools have faced considerable budget challenges in recent years. Charter schools also face a number of unique, severe challenges around funding - find out more about the programs that affect your school.