Victory for Richmond Charter Families!

After months of publicly fighting for fairness in Richmond’s college scholarship program, charter families have won a huge victory. The city council voted to include charter schools in the $35 million Richmond Promise, which will provide college scholarship aid to every senior graduating from a public high school who is enrolling in a college or university. If it seems like a no brainer that charter students should be included in a program designed to help all public school students afford college, it is. Yet, unfortunately, many of the elected officials wanted to exclude charters until parents, students, teachers and community members fought back and demanded equality for all public school students. For months, the Richmond city council and Mayor Tom Butt tried to dodge the issue, and several times nearly voted to deny charters. But charter families rallied at every city council meeting and even protested outside the mayor’s office. Their actions generated lots of media attention, which reminded the politicians that they were being watched. Finally, the council voted and did the right thing for all students. Congratulations to Richmond charter families on a hard-fought and inspiring victory!

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